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The Whitney Wildcat broadcast staff consists of two programs, WCTV19 and Wildcat Productions, with over 60 students.

The two programs write, produce, and shoot a weekly feature show called, “Unleashed.”  The 15-to-20 minute, three segment show is created by teens, documenting reality.  It contains feature stories from the WCTV19 staff, as well as commercials and PSAs from the Wildcat Production staff.

In their first year, 2009-2010, the two programs completed 25 “Unleashed” shows.  Each show can been seen on this website, schooltube.com, or on whitneyupdate.com.  The shows also air on TV, in the Rocklin community.  Wave Broadband viewers can watch “Unleashed” on channel 18 and SureWest viewers can watch the show on channel 79.

The WCTV19 staff is made up of 30 students who strive to cover stories in the Rocklin community.  They feature current events and issues, human interest and sports stories.  They staff works on a two week news-cycle two create their feature stories.

The Wildcat Production staff is also made up of 30 students.  The staff creates commercials for Whitney High School and the Rocklin community, as well as public service announcements about teen issues.  The commercials and PSAs are used in the weekly “Unleashed” show to break up the feature story segments. The commercials and PSAs can also be seen during the daily announcements, which are shown to the entire student body.

If you have any story ideas or would like to help the program with fundraising, please email us at:


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